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CrCF on Duty: Interaction, Friendship and Possibility


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It took me some times to digest the remainder of my time in the Deep South. Needless to say, it surely is difficult to describe my eternal gratitude for the opportunity that has been handed to me. Reflecting over what these two eyes of mine have witnessed, I consider myself among the luckiest people in the field.
Interaction, friendship and possibility are three main things I’ve learned from my journey in the South. Writing a blog post may not change the situation, but at least I am going to seize any chances to communicate.


I had the honor to take part in observing our partner organizations during their home visits. Every detail documented plays a greatly significant role in writing an accurate report, and in taking further actions to restore faith.
To me, it always has been crucial to interact with people- the people I work with especially. Reading news articles is nothing like listening to the stories they frankly shared with us in reality, while sitting under the same roof. Such first-hand experiences emphasize the fact that this is real; they are people, not mere statistics.
The pain in their eyes, the faith in their hearts that has been deprived and the scars in their lives, are r e a l.

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Slightly heartbroken, yet extremely grateful to come home with new memories. New bridges are made and the kindness that people have expressed never fails to amaze me. If home is where you heart is, this is the reason why I quickly feel at home anywhere I go because I’ve always got my heart with me.

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On my last day, it was finally time for what I was pumped to travel to the South for. Namely, the Reiki rehabilitation. Reiki is a Japanese form of healing method to reduce stress by using one’s “life force energy”. However, to maximize its effectiveness, continuity and suitable environment are the keys. It was their final session where everybody shared their opinions on what had been good and less good as well as the possibilities in the future.

The treatment for our friends is not flawless and there’s so much that needs to be done. Despite the high possibility of relapse when they return home, I saw their willing to give the world another chance.

Our friends also deserve another chance, to live life free of fear.