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CrCF on Duty: We Don’t Own the World.


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To one of my new friends,

You asked how I’d get home and kindly offered us a lift to the bus terminal.
My initial impression of you was that you are not scared to be the center of attention, but I also noticed that behind that tough outer surface, there is this person whose happiness is dependent on other people’s well-being. And I wish I could tell you that quality is one of your strengths.
While in the backseat of your car, I was observing the city outside the window and at the same time laughing at your witty puns. We started off with some small talks. There were a few long silent moments between us, and at times the distance was tangible even though we were in the same car. It all began when I asked how long you’ve been sticking around.

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The compassion in your voice when you were talking about the people you work with reminded me a lot of myself and many others I know who are dedicated to the same thing. But what gained my respect for you is your unconditional commitment despite the circumstances.
Your firsthand experiences would have blown anyone’s mind. I cannot imagine those dark days of your life and how much damages they have caused you. Nobody deserves to have their faith deprived arbitrarily.
And you’ve decided to turn the negativity into something useful. You want to help others who are facing the same nightmare.

There were four of us in the car but the conversation between you and me zoned out the other two.
Your stories were reaching out to me. Carefully I listened to everything you said. You told me that we should not take anything too seriously because we don’t own this world. You asked if I could take you to a shopping mall in Pratunam next time you’re in Bangkok. You told me that you have good memories from the last time you were there.
I pledged that I will.

You’ve evolved a survival mechanism that allows you to step by step rebuild confidence after the darkness. Although it’s extremely difficult.
You told me you don’t know how much longer you can do this. It’s slowly catching up on you. You wish you were more stable. You consider letting someone else taking over.
All I could do was listen to you.

After what it felt like an hour, we finally made it to the bus terminal. Before you left, as per usual, you laughed and made jokes about your car just to make sure that I felt comfortable around you. You’ve acknowledged that sharing humor is a way to communicate, and you communicated with me.

I am eternally grateful for crossing paths with you,
From your communications officer friend