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The Abduction and Disappearance of Fadel Sohman


The Foundation of the Muslim Attorney Centre (MAC), Pattani, has received a complaint from Ms. Fadilah Sohman, younger sister of Mr. Fadel Sohman that on Sunday 24 January 2016, around 11.00am, Fadel Sohman had left his home on a Honda motorbike, license plate K670 Patytani, for his work at Muhammadi School, Moo 8, Tambon Pradu, Khok Poh District, Parrani.

A black sedan with perpetrators turned right into the school and pulled over by a football field. Three young men got off and ran toward the teachers’ room, about five meters from the parking. Two of them locked the arms of Fadel, one on each side and dragged him to the car. Another man was opening the door waiting. Witnesses saw Fadel being dragged and how he tried to resist it by holding on to the frame of the door. The other man helped to shove him by pushing his legs causing him to drop his shoes. Then, they just drove away.

On the morning of Monday 25 January 2016, his family has reported the case to the Khok Pho Police Station, Pattani. The police went to the crime scene and made a rough map of the area and how he was abducted from Muhammadi School. From checking in the CCTV footage installed where the car drove past, it turned out the camera was broken and there was no recorded footage.

Fadel Sohman was indicted in 2010 with the Pattani Provincial Court in the Black Case no. 1580/2553 for premeditated murder, illegally possessing firearms and ammunitions which cannot be issued a license, and possessing firearms and ammunitions without licenses. The case was dismissed in 2013 and it has reached the final verdict. Around July 2015, he even turned himself in to the military officers to prove his innocence. But then, he was held in custody at the Ingkhayutthaborihan Military Camp, Nong Chik District, Pattani, for seven days and then to another military barrack for seven days, and was then discharged.

His relatives have complained with the Foundation of the Muslim Attorney Centre (MAC) hoping they can help to investigate the case.

For more information, please contact;
Foundation of the Muslim Attorney Centre (MAC), Pattani, 073-710146, 084-856005