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[:th]A Heartfelt Plea from the Karen community in Bang Kloi[:]

Unofficial translation: A Heartfelt Plea from the Karen community in Bang Kloi

We are of Karen ethnicity, descended from our ancestors who have lived in the Kaeng Krachan forest for centuries. We have been making our living and caring for the Kaeng Krachan forest for generations. Later, when government officials took care of the forest
สมบัด สมพอน (Sombat Somphone)

The disappeared 2019: Mr. Sombath Somphone

Mr. Sombath Somphone Born to a poor farming family in a small village in Khammoune Province in Southern Laos, Sombath Somphone had experienced poverty as well insecurity and turmoil brought about by the Indochina war between the United States and Vietnam which also involved Laos. After finishing his degree in Education and Agronomy in the United States, he returned to Laos and work on community-based agriculture development.
[:th]15 ปี ทนายสมชาย[:]

15 years of Somchai Neelapaijit and the voices of the missing

Mr. Somchai Neelapaijit Born in a family of farmers in Bangkok, Mr. Somchai Neelapaijit understood well about the difficulties and challenges on access to justice for farmers and lower-class people. He, therefore, aspired to become a lawyer with the goal to better their lives. Throughout his 20 years as a professional lawyer, Somchai has provided legal aids for numerous clients from various backgrounds regardless of their ethnicities or religion. Particularly interested in working on human rights-related cases, he was chosen to be the Human Rights Vice Chairman of the Lawyers Council and subsequently the Chairman of Muslim Lawyers Club.
เด่น คำแหล้ Den Khamlae

Den Kamlae and the Fate of the Disappeared: Justice Still Out of Reach

It’s been over a year since the late afternoon on 16 April 2016 when Den Kamlae went missing on his way to collect forest items. Material evidence was later discovered between 23-25 March 2017. Today, these important materials are still under examination by forensic scientists and the Central Institute of Forensic Science (CIFS).
Can forest officials burn down people’s houses to evict them

Can forest officials burn down people’s houses to evict them? |by Sanitsuda Ekachai

For some 10 million people in forests who are under the threat of eviction from the military regime's "Reclaiming the Forest Operation", the court ruling certainly sent shivers down their spines. According to the operation's plan, the government will confiscate 500,000 rai of forest this and next year to reclaim 26 million rai of forest within 10 years.
Piyawat Nakwanich

Career path of the new Fourth Region Commander, Lt Gen Piyawat Nakwanich | Isara...

Among the top brasses in the list of the appointment of Royal Thai Army this year, one of the most controversial names is not the new Commander in Chief, Gen ChalermchaiSitthisat aka “Big Jeab since he has been expected to take the post