About us

About us

A non-profit, nongovernmental and no-partisan organization, CRCF was founded in 2002 to advocate the promotion of the culture of human rights, access to justice, and reform for justice process based on human rights based approach, and human rights violation monitoring in Thailand. It works without discrimination based on race, color, gender, language, religion, political opinions and others, and pays particular attention to the plight of marginalized people including the ethnic minorities, stateless persons and migrant works among others.

“To harbor cross-cultural understanding and promote human rights among groups in Thailand”


Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) envisages that peoples of all groups should benefit from a strong culture of human rights, are able to have access to justice and human rights protection and are able to live in a democratic society based on strong culture of human rights.

Assistance and legal advice, organizing forums, discussions, visiting the area to collect facts and prepare a report to educate about the human rights situation to government agencies, private sectors and projects that provide legal assistance strengthening the population with ethnic diversity especially those affected by government policies such as drug suppression policies, anti-insurgency policy and harassment of human rights activists, etc. Including giving importance to women and women rights defenders in the conflict area for example in the three southern border provinces.

Operation area:
Bangkok office Border areas in the west, the north and the southern border provinces.