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State-sponsored online disinformation: impact election integrity in Thailand


State-sponsored disinformation has become an important factor that stands to impact election integrity in Thailand. This, combined with long-existing problems such as electoral rules and procedures that do not meet international standards, frequent military coups that unseat elected governments, and protests that seek to pressure reformist governments, form a suite of elements over the last 90 years, that have been impacting the quality of elections in the kingdom.

How will state-sponsored disinformation campaign impact the integrity of the 2023 Thai General Election? To find that out, join our speakers in the Asia Centre’s latest report launch of “State-sponsored Online Disinformation: Impact on Electoral Integrity in Thailand.” The event will take place on Friday 28 April 2023 from 3PM to 5 PM (GMT+7) at Asia Centre Meeting Hub.
Register now at: https://forms.gle/BXzVZDUrq2ezyYUe6