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3rd edition of Wanchalerm’s family statement on the anniversary of his disappearance


I am Sitanun, a sister of the Thai victim, Wanchalerm Satsaksit. I am making a full effort to investigate the forced disappearance of my brother, a Thai political activist living in Phnom Penh. He was abducted in broad daylight from his residence on June 4th, 2020, in front of many witnesses by four armed men into a mysterious black van.

Currently, all the legal processes regarding the case are frozen and witnesses are scared to provide any leads. Evidence mostly in Cambodia of the crime has been destroyed.This case is part of a systematic pattern. Eight previous victims, all pro-democracy activities of Thai nationals, exiling in Laos and Vietnam have also disappeared during 2016-2019.Only concerted collaboration from everyone could end this serial crime against humanity. A fund-raising effort is being organized to mobilize resources to investigate and support any legal processes, not only in Cambodia and Thailand, but also internationally.

Donating by bank transfer

Bank name: Bangkok Bank
Acc. name: Ms. Sitanun SATSAKSIT
Acc. no: 024-7-12830-9
Branch : PTT Raminthra – No. 340 Raminthra rd. Bangkok 10230 Thailand.
Swift code : BKKBTHBK
by PayPal : savewanchalerm@gmail.com