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Indigenous Karen Ethic Network and HR Activist request a meeting with Director General of National Park Dept


Press Release on 6 April 2016

Two years of Billy’s enforced disappearance: Indigenous Karen Ethic Network and human rights Activist request a meeting with Director General of National Park Department in its call for justice for Billy and PongLuk-Bangkloi Community

On 17 April 2014, Billy or Porchalee Rakchongcharoen went missing after he was arrested and held in custody by national park officer. After two years of Billy’s disappearance, the quest for his whereabout and truth is still left answered. Billy’s family and human rights organization both in Thailand and internationally including the United Nations have been closely following the investigation of the alleged involment of park officer Mr. Chaiwat Limlikitaksorn . There are a series of alleged wrongful act which could result in criminal and administrative disciplinary liabilities. The background of conflict between Mr. Chaiwat and the karen villagers also raises concern as being the cause of delay in investigation of Billy’s disappearance.

On 7 April 2016 at 13.30 hrs., Cross Cultural Foundation, Human Rights Lawyer Association, Karen Studies and Development Center, and Karen Network for Culture and Environment of Tanaosri with representatives of 10 civil society organisations will meet the Director General of National Part Department along with a petition letter requesting the answer on the involved government civil servant who has been criminally prosecuted to be suspended or dismissed from duty during an ongoing investigation and criminal proceeding to ensure independent and effective investigation. The representatives of civil society organisations will also discuss exchange of information and ways forward to work together to build confidence and trust in the performance of public officials and government agencies for public interest and bring about the benefit for the people and the country. Journalists and other interested parties are invited to observe the event on the mentioned date and time.

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