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ISOC RE: the death in custody of Mr. Abduldayib Dolah in the military barrack (Unofficial Translation)


An explanation from the Internal Security Operations Command Region, ISOC Region 4 Forward (Unofficial Translation)

RE: the death in custody of Mr. Abduldayib Dolah in the military barrack

On 4 December 2015, at 08.00am, there was a report that Mr. Abduldayib Dolah, 45 years old, from Ban Mai, Tambon Kolotanyong, Nongchik District, Pattani, had died in the military camp.

Mr. Abduldayib Dolah was arrested on 11 November 2015 by officers from the Pattani Joint Special Operations Command and Pattani Taskforce 24 in charge of law enforcement in Tambon Kolotanyong, Nongchik District, Pattani.

Mr. Abduldayib Dolah, aka “Pao Zu”, was a leading insurgent at the rank of kompi (commander). From initial interrogation, he had confessed to being an insurgent and had undergone ‘zumpao’ (taking vows). Later, the testimony was keyed into a daily record at the Nong Chik police station and he was then transferred for further interrogation at the military intelligence unit forward in the Southern Border Provinces. Later, he was found dead while being held in custody on 4 December 2015.

After his mortality, the authorities have invited three security forces, relatives of the deceased and the Pattani Provincial Islamic Committee to join the autopsy, though the doctor could not determine the cause of death.

Given the unclear cause of death and to console his relatives and general public, and particularly to quell any doubts among people and groups with ill intention which might misuse the death of Mr. Abduldayib Dolah for a mischievous purpose and to harbor false information accusing the officers as the perpetrators, a consent has been requested for from the wife of the deceased to have his body dissected for further examination at the hospital in the Prince of Songkla University’s Hatyai Campus. The consent has been given so.

The Internal Security Operations Command Region (ISOC Region 4 Forward) would like to ask the public, religious leaders, local community leaders and relatives of the deceased to not fall prey to any propagandist groups which might want to exploit the incidence to create division, disgrace, and other damage with the state agencies before any truth will come out from the dissecting and examination of the body by the medical team. Further information shall be announced later.