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Protection International

Protection International calls on international community to protect students in Thailand


We call on the international community to take immediate actions, including:

  • Sending observers with diplomatic immunity to Bangkok Military Court now, the night of Friday 26th June 2015;
  • Calling on international and Thai media to be present at Bangkok Military Court now, in the night of Friday 26th June 2015;
  • Doing everything within your power and competence to persuade the NCPO to immediately and unconditionally drop the cases against all these 14 student activists;
  • Condemning the threats and attacks against 14 students through demarches and public statements;
  • Carrying out urgent local actions to support and provide measures for swift assistance and protection to these 14 human rights defenders
  • Calling by phone the Praradchawang Police Station Superintendant to inquire on the state of the arrest records and whether the changes demanded by the students have been accommodated;
  • Calling by phone the NCPO to immediately and unconditionally drop all the charges against the students;
  • Releasing public statements equating these charges as direct criminalisation of civilians exercising their Human Rights, as well as calling for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the charges;
  • Organising for observers to be present at all stages of the proceedings if the charges aren’t dropped;
  • Visiting the 14 students in custody and providing both moral support and continued high-profile attention to the students;
  • Continuing to examine, as appropriate, further ways of cooperating with the UN, their lawyers and their support group and other international and regional mechanisms in support of these 14 students.

Bangkok Military Court – Contact
The Judge Advocate General’s Department, Ministry of Defence, Lak Muang Road, Phra Borommaha Ratchawang Sub District, Phra Nakorn District, Bangkok 10200.
Tel: 02 222 3887 or 02 224 0041 Ext. 207