Summary of Thai Army’s orders since the declaration of Martial Law on 20 May 2014

Summary of Thai Army’s orders since the declaration of Martial Law on 20 May 2014

The Royal Thai Army unilaterally declared the Martial law which has been in effect since 03.00 am on 20 May 2014 throughout the country citing that the law will prevent escalating violence and to restore public law and order. The Peace and Order Maintaining Command (POMC) has been established by the Royal Thai Army to restore law and order in the country and dissolved the Centre for Resolution of Emergency Situation (CRES) previously set up by caretaking cabinet. The Commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Army is appointed as the director of POMC.

In addition, the military announced that military officers are deployed in all areas and assigned as enforcing officials of the Martial Law to maintain public peace and order.

Order No. 01/2014

The military ordered radio stations, television stations, satellite and cable TV stations if contacted by the military to remove their regular programs off air and to broadcast news from Army’s station.

Order No. 02/2014

The military ordered both pro and anti government protesters not to rally or move around and remain in their current locations in peaceful manner. The PDRC supporters are to assemble at Ratchadamnoen Road and Chaengwattana Government Complex. The UDD supporters are to assemble at Utthayan Road.

Order No. 03/2014

The military prohibited news outlets (including radio stations, cable TV and satellite stations, TV stations, community radio stations, and online media) from publishing or broadcasting any content that “misleads the public” or “escalates the conflict.” The order also prohibited distribution of publications that contain similar content mentioned above.

Order No. 04/2014

The military invited high-ranking government officers, members of state enterprises, provincial governors, independent agencies set up by 2007 Constitution, representatives from professional associations, and civil society organizations based in the central region to attend the meeting with the army on 20 May 2014 at 14.00 hrs at Royal Thai Army Club in Bangkok. The military also sent the same invitations to groups mentioned above based in North, Northeast and South of Thailand to attend the similar meetings in their respective regions (The other three meetings were organized in military camps in those regions)

Order No. 05/2014

The military appointed the following personals as advisers to POMC

1) Supreme Commander

2) Commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Navy

3) Commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Air Force

4) Commission General of the Royal Thai Police

Order No. 06/2014

The military ordered the ten television stations and illegal community radio stations to be off aired in order to distribute “true” information and to prevent escalation of conflict:

1) MV5 Cable TV

2) DNN Cable TV

3) UDD Cable TV

4) Asia Updates Cable TV

5) P&P Cable TV

6) Four Channel

7) Blue Sky TV

8) FM TV

9) T News

10) ASTV

11) Any community radio stations which do not obtain legal permission

(Note: The list above contains both TV stations associated with pro- and anti- government fractions)

Order No. 07/2014

The military ordered four more television stations to be off aired 1) Hot TV 2) Voice TV 3) Rescue TV 4) Student and People Network for Thailand Reform – STR TV

Order No. 08/2014

The military prohibited social media sites and users from publishing any content that “misleads the public” or “escalates the conflict,” or “opposes the operation of the POMC,” warning that transgressors could be shut down and summoned for prosecution.

Order No. 09/2014

The military prohibited owners, editors, or journalists from interviewing or asking for comments from bureaucrats, academics, judiciary staff, and staff members of independent agencies that might “distort the facts, cause confusion among the public, or lead to further violence.”

The military called upon provincial governors, local government officials and local police officers to suppress/refrain any demonstration or action which goes against the operation of POMC. If the local civilian or police officials cannot control the situation, they must report to military officials stationed in the nearest area to intervene.

Order No. 10/2014

The military prohibited government officials and civilians from carrying war weapons and explosive materials, except military and police officers assigned to maintain peace and order by POMC.

Order No. 12/2014

The military ordered police officers, civilian officers, government agencies and staff member of state enterprises to carry out their duties as usual to facilitate daily routines of people.