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Yala Provincial Court decided on the cause of killings of 5 persons by officials in Krong Pinang


MAC & CrCF press release

Press Release on 28 Aug 2013

Yala Provincial Court decided on the cause of killings of 5 persons by officials in Kongpinang ‘officials could not know who is who during the attacks’

On 27 Aug 2013, Yala Provincial court gave its decision regarding the cause of deaths of 5 persons in Kongpinang relating to the incident on 19 April 2012 and Inquest trial No. Chor 7/2555 (2012), filed by the public procecutor for the post mortem inquest. The enquiry proceeding of the court found that 1) Mr. Sakueri Japakeeya 37 years old, 2) Mr. Ismael Paetoh 18 years old, 3) Mr. Tushkeeree Yayor 23 years old, 4) Mr. Lookmun Dueramae 19 years old, 5) Mr. Sumree Dueramae 18 years old died during the joint operations by officials at Moo 6 Sa-e village, Sa-e sub-district, Krong Pinang district, Yala province.

On 19th April 2012, the officials fired arms against group of villagers resulting in the death of 5 villagers. The court order further stated that the evidence found during the enquiry indicated that the deceased person no. 2, no. 4 and no.5 were with deceased no. 1 and no. 3 and others who were running away. In such circumstances the officials could not distinguish who is who. Therefore, immaterial of whether the deceased person no. 2, no.4 and no.5 were suspected insurgents or not, the officials could claim that their actions were in the course of their official duties.

Thus the court ordered that Mr. Sakueri Japakeeya (37 years old) and Mr. Ismael Paetoh (18 years old) were killed by the action of police Preecha Noonum, Mr. Tushkeeree Yayor (23 years old) was killed by the action of Police Wirut Tippala, Mr. Lookmun Dueramae (19 years old) was killed by the action of Police Kisanakorn Kuajae and Mr. Sumree Dueramae (18 years old) was killed by the action of Police Suton Narapong. The court noted that the police took actions that resulted in the deaths of five persons in the course of carrying our official duties.

However parents of Mr. Ismael Paetoh, Mr.Lookmun and Sumree Dueramae insisted that these 3 young men were not insurgents. Their parents requested assistance from human rights organizations. MAC and CrCF had assigned lawyers to assist them in the inquest trial.

Mr. Adilan Ali-isa-hoh , Chairperson of Yala Muslim Attorney Center is one of the lawyers of this inquest trial on behalf of the relative of deceased. He said after the court order that ‘the court has a duty to provide detail of the cause of the death incluidng the circumstances of the extrajudicail killing operations. Such details should include the facts relevant to the operation planning, annoucment , calling for the suspects to surrender, informing before opening fire and securing the surrounding area for those escaping.

These detailed procedures are needed to reduce the loss of lives and risk of extrajudicial killings.’ During the inquest trial, the court should enquire to find out the truth of the incident in order to assess whether or not state public procecutors and police investigators should initiate investigation and prosecution against propertators who committed the killing.

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