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Calling for Peace in Pattani

“Calling for Peace in Pattani” organized by Pattani CSOs Council 28 April 2013


1. Dr. Ponladej Pinpatip’s open speech at “Calling for Peace in Pattani”, organised by Pattani CSOs Council 28 April 2013 at Benjamarachuthid, Muang District Pattani

Today, CSOs gathered to voice our concern on security and peace process in Pattani. Violence has produced damage to our livelihood, Violence incident occured 2.4 times/ causing 2.5 person injured and 1.0-person death per day. The state budget has been spent 1,824,000,000` baht. no less than 100000 baht/ one person. All this budget is tax payer money that should be used to improve our livelihood but not spent for war. Maybe we can spend the same amount for 1000 hospitals.

on 28 April 2004, in Tanyongluloh, Kruse Mosque. At that place, the mosque was used for war and violence between two parties. Massucure is momorial to our next generation; Security officers 3 died and other 32 died in the mosque including another 100 died in seperated incidents on the same day.

Today is 28 April 2013, we shall voice out and walk together towards the peace process. Today around 5000 participants with 500 organisations are together and we are the voices of non-violence movement.

We urged all parties to end violence; state and non-state flighters both should engage in peace process and restore our peaceful livelihoo
don’t destroy educaiton opportunitites don’t destroy our economic opportunities

We urge

1. all parties engage in peace process
2. to regulate the organisation of council to SBPS CSOs by supporting the Bill of Public Entity on restoration of local communities for developement of SBPs.
3. decentralisaiton

2. Ms. Subaidah Doloh, Women human rights defenderss from Narathiwat.

I am a teacher and i used to have my school that was closed because of the allegation that my school was involved in insurgency.

Iwish to talk about education opportunity. Many students lost education opportunity during the time of conflict. Early marriage also among those who lost educaiton opportunity. We have not less than 2000 widows, and also 4900 orphen during the time of violence conflict in Pattani.

Women faces difficulties in the time of conflict. participants today meeting is mostly women and we will support peace process and will lead peace process in Pattani.

I have a chance to visit Ache. and my experience in Ache taught me to be involved more in peace process. i don’t want to continue violence conflict in Pattani for 30 years likes in Aceh.

i myself, is defendant in national security cases for 4 years. i am a school principle. the charges are related to allegation that my school supporting insurgency.

i use court as platform for my fighting , i have lawyers i use law.
during 4 years struggles in the court process, i was labal as bandit or insurgents.

i use the allegation as strengthen to fight.
i learnt that there are many families that facing difficulties among wives of defendents related to national security charges.

we organised among women creating jobs and work that can gain extra income to be able to feed their husband in the prison.

we fight for justice.

i urge all women, wives and we will only use non-violence and anything under legal framework. I don’t have salaries to be human rights defenders.

we will overcome sadness and suffering.

we fight for justice

we urge the end of injustice

we fight for peace

Peace is beautiful

Damai itu adilan

3. Mr. Dunyath Abdulloh
Youth’s representative

we urge that both side need to lay arms to be able to be a part of peace process. We need to reduce our emotion. Emotion can not be used in the peace dialogue table.

next step, the youth need to be participated in the peace proces together with peoples. we still don’t have united in our peace movement

we need to be united.

we don’t want to emphasis on suffering however, we need to voice out what is our peace look like. the big ship can not flow against tide.

We as locals peoples need to show our stand and our position. If we are slience we can not get what we want.
Our voices is important for the peace process

Everyone has past and history but now everyone also has future.
if we can not leave the past we might not be able to move forward to future.

if any parties denied to listen to local voices , they have lost their legistimatcy. if we are silence, both parties will claim to voice out on behave of us. they keep on fighting on behave of us.

i wish to talk to our youth, that we need to stand up and we can not stand to learn more deaths and lost. Peace can happen without any death, reduce your selfishness and self-centered.

We shall come across “fear” in order to walk together in the peace process with our local peoples.

4. Mr. Parsit Meksuwan , Chairperson of CSOs

CSOs used to be seperated and do our job.
united CSOs will be more powerful.
we wish to be more strong.
we think together.
we think that we need safe space.
we need to have a channel to communicate.
we all participate in development .
i am a chair person of CSOs council
we want to invite you to join us regardless of religions and races.
All of us did n’t want more conflict
i think this moment of peace dialogue initiative during this time.
Govt also refer to their legistimacy to protect us
Insurgent also refer to their legistimacy to protect us

there are many illusions in this conflict.
information and fact is needed to solve the problems and we will find peace. don’t believe in everyone said.

all 200 forums was organised to listen to your voice in SBPS.
we need to become movement with stronge we might be in some disagreement but no we are not in fighting among each other CSOs.

We can formulate our agendas to decision makers.
we can pass it on the table to peace dialogue.

we wish you all to join as we are grassroot organisations, we will have power only we organised as peace movement.

Christian – mercy and love
Buddhism- goodness
Islam – god and brotherhood

why are we fighting. we should talk and open to support peace process.
Killing is not good. No conflict is ending by killing more peoples.

I am in the name of CSOs council.
i wish all of us CSOs, CBOs, who are locals to be a part of peace process

all parties refer to their legistimacy to protect us. therefore we need to be informed and to be a part of the process.

How CSOs can create the peace process environment:
Muhamad Ayub Pathan,

We urge to ourselve to organise ourselve to be supportive in the peace process. We need to organise the meeting among ourselved

We urge Govt and insurgent groups to be a part of agenda setting and will not rush to end the process

we urge Govt and insurgent groups to communicate, to listen to peoples.
people agenda is most important

we now can smell but we need to move to support the peace process.
the opportunity is coming at this . we will organise movement not event.

1. go back to our people go back home and talk
2. openness and willingness
3. with non violence
5. supporters