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cold-blooded murder of four fruit vendors from Rayong

Violence from all factions abetted against civilians in SBPs have to be halted


For immediate release on 7 February 2013
English version release on 9 February 2013

Press Release from Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) Violence from all factions abetted against civilians in Thailand’s Southern Border Provinces have to be halted The State is obliged to provide remedies for failure to protect people’s lives

Two horrendous murders of innocent people took place recently. Two peasants from Singburi province were killed on 1 February in Pattani followed by a cold-blooded murder of four fruit vendors from Rayong on 5 February in Yala.

The Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) would like to express our condolence to families of the victims and want to reiterate that vulnerability in life and properties of local people is still one of the most serious human rights issues there. The killing of innocent people including the horrible murder of four fruit vendors is nothing short of cruel, inhuman and degrading act.

Armed conflicts in the Southern Border Provinces over the past nine years have given rise to unabated violence including systematic, cruel and widespread killings of innocent people. Violence is waged by both state armed groups, local villagers armed and supported by government agencies, and the armed groups fighting against the state with hidden agendas as well as armed groups fighting for their political cause. It does not matter from which groups, violence against citizens is considered grave crime. It does not just violate national laws, but international laws as well.

Armed violence against local civilians has been on an increase from December 2012 until February this year including cases in which children under 18 years of age have fallen victims. According to Deep South Watch, 56 children under the age of 15 years have died from the violence, 345 children getting injured. 4,942 children have been made orphans by the incidences (as of 12 December 2012).The targeting of citizens including the cruel killings of two peasants and four fruit vendors from Central Plain indicates a trend of discriminatory hatred. They have been committed in sheer cruelty, extreme violently, extensively and systematically. Any perpetrators and masterminds of such acts should be aware that their grave human rights violations could be construed as crime against humanity or genocide and they could be held liable as far as international laws are concerned. There is no statute of limitation of such crimes.

It does not matter as to who has committed the violence, the state is obliged to bring to justice the perpetrators based on collaboration with public and international community. When any losses are inflicted on citizens, the government has to provide remedies to families of the victims indiscriminately and to bring to justice the perpetrators

For more information, please contact Ms. Pornpen Khongkachonkiet, phone 02-6934939