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Yala court heard two more witnesses and continue inquest trial to be 8, 13 Mar 2013


Press Release Witness examination of an inquest hearing of four deceased allegedly shot down by military rangers in Tambon Pulo Puyo, Nongchik District, Pattani

On 23 December 2012, a Pattani Provicial Court’s hearing took place on the inquest in Black Case no. Ch5/2555, in which military rangers were involved with shooting down four villagers in Moo 1, Tambon Pulo Puyo, Nongchik District, Pattani, on 29 January 2012.

Two eye witnesses who were also shot during the incidence were examined by the public prosecutors. In addition, the hearing on 19-20 January 2013 has been postponed by the public prosecutor to 8 and 13 March 2013.

In concurrence to each other, the two witnesses testified that they and other villagers, altogether nine persons, boarded a pickup truck to pray at a funeral being held in a another village. En route, they were waved to stop by military officers. After the truck pulled over, Mr. Saha Samae, one of the deceased, said in loud voice to the officers that they were heading to a funeral service. After his shout, the witnesses heard gunshots and hid themselves. For more than one hour, the gunshots were heard consecutively and both of them got injured by the shots, but survived the incidence. They confirmed that none of the villagers boarding the truck carried any weapons.

According to rangers from Ranger Company 4302 based in Ban Nam Dam, Tambon Pulo Puyo, Nongchik District, Pattani, they referred that they were chasing some perpetrators and setting up a checkpoint at a road off the four-lane road, the entrance to Moo 1, Tambon Pulo Puyo. There, they spotted the villagers’ truck and stopped the car and fired shots at the car causing four deaths and five injuries.

On 20 April 2012, the Pattani public prosecutors, as petitioner in this case, requested the Court to conduct a post mortem hearing in order to identify as to who the deceased are, where and how they died as required by Section 150 of the Criminal Procedure Code since the deaths could have been caused by an act of the officers who claimed to have executed their official duties. Relatives of the four deceased has also submitted their counter-argument to the claim including Mr. Nili Duramae, son of Mr. Isman Duramae, as the first objector, Mrs. Menao Latae, wife of Mr. Saha Sa-mae, as the second objector, Mrs. Liyao Sama-ae, wife of Mr. Hama Sani, as the third objector and Mr. Hama Buraheng, father of Mr. Ropa Buraheng, as the fourth objector. Legal representatives have been appointed to conduct examination and to propose additional evidence to the Court.

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