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Two relatives testified at Yala Court call for justice over extrajudicial killing of their young sons


Muslim Attorney Center Foundation and Cross Cultural Foundation For immediate release on 4 December 2012

Press Release Provincial Court of Yala’s hearing on police alleged to have committed extrajudicial killing of five persons in Krong Penang: Mothers of the three slain believe it was shooting of wrong persons

On 3 December 2012, the Provincial Court of Yala tried two police officers as prosecutor witnesses. They were part of the team of police officers alleged to have shot death five persons on 19 April 2012 in Krongpenang District, Yala. Four more prosecutor witnesses will be heard on 17 December 2012.

On 19 April 2012, the SWAT team suppressed unrest in Yala province led by Pol. Major Khanchit Panchan plus 12 rangers approached a group of 7-8 persons staying in a makeshift in a fruit orchard in Moo 6, Ban Sa-ae Tambon Sa-ae, Krongpenang District, Yala. The informants reported that they were part of the insurgency group. During the incidence, the officers shot death five persons including Mr. Sakuree Japaki, 37 years, Mr. Ishmael Paetao, 18 years, Mr. Tazkiri Yayo, 23 years, Mr. Lukman Dueramae, 19 years, and Mr. Zamri Dueramae, 18 years. Later on 16 August 2012, the Yala public prosecutors submitted a request for post mortem inquest of the five deceased to the Provincial Court of Yala and was admitted as Black Case no. Chor 7/2555.

Parents of Mr. Ishmael Paetao and the mother of Mr. Lukman Dueramae and Mr. Zamri Dueramae insisted that the three persons were not insurgents as claimed by the officers. They came back home during school vacation a few days ago. On the eventful day, the three people went out to trap birds, something they had been doing as a hobby during their leisure time. Mr. Lukman Dueramae went out just to get his younger brother home. Thus, the parents have approached human rights organizations for legal representation during witness examination in order to establish the truth to the Court. Thus, MAC and CrCF helped to assign attorneys to assist them during the inquest hearings.

In addition, on 2 May 2012, parents of the three deceased, with help from MAC, have approached the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) for help and on 16 July 2012, Pol.Col. Tawee Sodsong, SBPAC’s Secretary General issued a directive no. 145/2555 to set up “an inquiry committee to establish the truth as per the allegation that state officers used their guns to shoot down five villagers in Moo 6, Ban Sa-ae Tambon Sa-ae, Krongpenang District, Yala, the incidence of which took place on 19 April 2012”. Until now, several meetings have been held by the inquiry committee, the latest of which took place on 3 December 2012 to draft a report to conclude all relevant facts regarding the incidence.

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