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Shooters of Imam of Ban Ubeng Mosque, Yaha District, Yala


Public Statement Shooters of Imam of Ban Ubeng Mosque, Yaha District, Yala, Condemned State Urged to Strengthen Protection of Religious Leaders

On Tuesday 14 November 2012, Mr. Abdullatae Toedae, an imam of Ban Ubeng Mosque, Tambon Patae, Yaha District, Yala was gunned down. War weapons were fired against him from a pickup truck without any fear of legal sanction and the arrest by officers. The incident took place on public road no. 4085 (Yala-Sabayoy) in broad daylight and in the middle of bursting neighborhood close to the Phra Yupparat Yaha Hospital, Yala. The imam was there to pick up his wife and daughter who were having treatment for asthma at the hospital.

Mr. Abdullatae Toedae was Chairperson of the Imam Association of Yaha District and a member of the Yala Provincial Islamic Committee. In September this year, he was also appointed Secretary General of the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) as part of the Inquiry Committee on the incidence in which the officers were accused of shooting down five villagers from Moo 6, Ban Sa-ae, Krong Penang District, Yala, on 19 April 2012.

Mr. Abdullatae had been contributing immensely to provide humanitarian and legal assistance to villagers and was a member of a village-based network formed by the Muslim Attorney Centre Foundation (MAC). He was recognized for his social work and the assassination of him this time has undermined confidence in security measures to protect people’s lives and properties and legal measures to bring the perpetrators to justice. In addition, the assassination against him was conducted without any fear of legal sanction. This will naturally cause concern for life among local religious leaders. In the past more than eight years, a number of religious leaders have been targets of intimidation and assassination. This horrendous murder will cause wider implications and become an obstacle to a peaceful solution for unrest in the local area.

The Muslim Attorney Centre Foundation (MAC) and the undersigned organizations would like to convey our condolence to relatives and family of the slain imam. Apart from condemning the perpetrators, we would like to urge everyone to be aware of the right of innocent people to conduct their life peacefully. We urge that the government invest all efforts to bring to justice the perpetrators and to provide for security measures to protect local religions leaders who command much respect and faith from local believers. It should help to restore people’s trust in the ability of the state to protect people and to uphold nonviolence as a major venue to put an end to the mayhem.

With salam and dua,

1. Yala Provincial Islamic Committee
2. Muslim Attorney Centre Foundation (MAC)
3. Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF)
4. Islamic Culture for Development Center (PUKIS)
5. Network of Paralegals of the Muslim Attorney Centre Foundation in the Deep South
6. Promoting Human Rights and Access to Justice Networks (HAP)
7. Deep South Woman Association For Peace (Deep Peace)
8. Network of Volunteer Undergraduates in the Deep South (IN south)
9. Network of Victims of Security Cases

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
May peace prevail with those committed to justice