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incident in Saiburi

Muslim Attorney Center call for peace collective effort after incident in Saiburi , Pattani


Muslim Attorney Center

For immediate release on 22 September 2012

Press Release the Recent Violence in Saiburi District, Pattani Province A call for collective solutions by state, civil society and people to end a cycle of violence with nonviolence

In the name of Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful May peace be with those who cherish justice

It was reported that on 21 September 2012, around noontime, a group of perpetrators fired gunshots into a gold shop in a commercial neighborhood of Tambon Taluban, Saiburi District, Pattani Province. Later on, bombs planted in a car were triggered causing five deaths and a number of injuries among officers and people at the crime scene along with extensive damage to properties.

Such a violent incidence renders massive impact on local economy making people feel unsafe and too fearful to live their normal life. It will definitely impede efforts to explore effective means to end the unrest in the region.

The Muslim Attorney Center Foundation (MAC) is a civil society organization working to provide legal aid and advice to people, particularly those affected by unrest in the Southern Border Provinces. Hinging on the rule of law and human rights principles as a basis for forge nonviolent solutions, MAC would like to make clear its stand against the use of violence as a solution without considering the damage that will be borne by people including innocent people. Such an act is geared toward serving the sole interest of the perpetrators. MAC would like to offer our deep condolences to all families who have suffered the loss and those who have been injured mentally and physically from the latest event and all previous incidences. We call on the perpetrators to consider damage that has been brought about by the use of violence including the loss of life and other physical losses, and damage to properties. MAC urges the government to increase spaces for dialogue with local people and civil society organizations to explore a peaceful means to end the unrest and to enable effective legal enforcement based on the rule of law.

With salam and dua