2012_07_End of witness examination in Sulaiman Naesa’s post mortem inquest (Thai and Eng)

English version:19 Jul 2012_ news release on Sulaiman Naesa case_inquest hearing end
Thai version: 19 Jul 2012_ ใบแจ้งข่าว คดีไต่สวนการตายนายสุไลาน แนซา-Final

For ImmediateRelease on 25 July 2012
Press Release
End of witness examination in Sulaiman Naesa’s post mortem inquest
Court order allows major witness in trial examined behind closed doors
Verdictis to be released on 20 September 2012

19 July 2012 wasthe last day of witness examination in the post mortem inquest of Mr. Sulaiman Naesa who died in May2010. He was found dead with his body hanging by hisneck from window grilles in one of the holding cells in the ReconciliationPromotion Center, Ingkhayudh Boriharn Army Camp, Pattani. One witness who washeld in custody at the same time as Mr. Sulaimanasked the Court to have his examination conducted behind closed doors. He feltconcerned for his safety as he has been harassed during visitations from officials.With no objection from the other party, the Court allowed theexamination to be conducted behind closed doors. Those who were not directlyrelevant to the case were not allowed in the courtroom. After the completion ofthe witness examination, the Court announced that it will deliver its verdictat 13.30 on 20 September 2012.

The publicprosecutor asked the Court to conduct the post mortem inquest on 21 December2010 and it was admitted as the Black Case no. Chor 14/2553. The Court’sjudgment is supposed to identify the deceased, the location and time of his deathand the cause of death as well as any circumstances related to his death. Inaddition, if his death was caused by someone else, the identity of the personwho caused the death would be ascertained as much as possible. Mr. JaewaeNaesa, Mr. Sulaiman’s father, asked the Court toallow his lawyers to examine the prosecution witnesses and to propose their ownlist of witnesses. He does not believe that his son took his own life by hanginghimself to death.

It has taken almosttwo years to complete the inquest and the case has attracted a lot of public attention.Both parties had the chance fully examine the witnesses. The last witnessexaminations took place on 17 July 2012 with the examination of a prosecutionwitness, on 18 July, with examination of an inquiry officer, and threewitnesses from the petitioner, and on 19 July with three witnesses from thepetitioner, one of whom was examined discreetly.

In a separate civilsuit, Mr. Sulaiman’s parents have filed chargesagainst state agencies to demand compensation. These state agencies include: theOffice of the Prime Minister, defendant no.1, the Ministry of Defence,defendant no. 2, and the Royal Thai Army, defendant no. 3. The case wasadmitted by the Provincial Court of Pattani as the Black Case no. Por 248/2554and the witness examination shall commence on 13 November 2012.


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