2011_07_20_ Agreement Reached at Civil Court’s mediation on Imam Yapha case

News Release on the
case of Imam Yapha Kaseng (additional)

Agreement Reached
at the Civil Court’s Mediation:

Ministry of Defence
and Royal Thai Army to provide 5.2 Millions as compensation

In the Court’s
docket, the defendants expressed their regret and confirmed Mr. Yapha Kaseng
and his family had nothing to do with the insurgency

According to the
Civil Court’s docket on the Black Case no. 1084/2552 dated 20 July 2011, Mrs.
Nima Kaseng and three other plaintiffs and the Ministry of Defence (1st),
Royal Thai Army (2nd) and the Royal Thai Police (3rd),
three agencies as defendants, met in a mediation pre-trial hearing. An
agreement was reached during the mediation by the Court, and the three
defendants declared that the act that has caused the death of Mr. Yapha Kaseng
was collectively carried out by the officials under the three defendants within
the legal framework when the incidence happened. After examining the crime
scene and exhorting other information, it was found that Mr. Yapha Kaseng and
his family were not at all involved with any insurgency. The three defendants
felt sorry for what happened. The first and second defendants agreed to provide
compensations to the plaintiffs, as mediated by the Civil Court and as accepted
by the plaintiffs including the amount of 500,000 baht for the impairment done
to the reputation of Mr. Yapha Kaseng, the deceased; 87,000 baht for the
funeral rite; and 4,624,000 baht for the alimony of the first to the fourth
plaintiffs, The compensations amount to 5,211,000 baht and the accord and
satisfaction is made herewith.

The two parties collectively declare that the case could reach a compromise as per
the accord and satisfaction submitted to the Court and the Court grants the
accord and satisfaction.

After  reviewing the accord and satisfaction, the Court finds no breaches of
applicable law and thus accepts it as the final judgment.

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