2011_06_01_One year after Mr. Sulaiman’s death in army custody_justice being sought by relatives through civil suit

Foundationof Muslim Attorney Centre (MAC) and Cross-Cultural Foundation (CrCF)

Thai version for immediate release on 30 May 2011

English version released on 1 Jun 2011

2011_06_01 News release on one year Sulaiman Naesa Case_death in Custody at Ingkhayuth Camp_filed civil lawsuit_eng_

Press Release

One year after Mr. Sulaiman
Naesa’s death in army custody

Justice being sought by relatives
through a civil suit

One year ago, the Naesa family has forever lost their eldest son who was breadwinner for the family. His parents have filed a civil suit asking for  compensation by invoking the Tort Liability of Officials Act B.E. 2539 (1996).  They firmly believe that their son did not commit suicide.

Mr. Sulaiman Naesa was found dead with his body hanging by his neck from window grilles in one of the holding cells in the Reconciliation Promotion  Center, Ingkhayudh Boriharn Army Camp, Pattani on 30 May 2010. Before that, he
was arrested on 22 May 2010 while doing his job to fix a house in  Hutaemajae Village, Tambon Kadunong, Saiburi
district, Pattani and was taken to and held in custody at the Reconciliation Promotion  Center for inquiry purpose. Visiting him every day, his relatives observed how Mr. Sulaiman Naesa has become feeble and weak. They were
not allowed to speak to him, but only caught his sight. Mr. Sulaiman Naesa  was held there  for eight days for interrogation, after which his relatives were asked to  retrieve his body. The officials at the Reconciliation Promotion Center claimed  he committed a suicide.

Though his relatives and journalists were present  during his autopsy, but given his suspicious signs during his being held in  custody and it has given rise to many doubts about his death without forensic autopsy.  For his post mortem inquest, the Court has scheduled the hearings to take place  on 17 and 19 August 2011 and 20, 21, and 27 September 2011.

On  Friday 27 May 2011, Mr. Sulaiman’s parents, with legal  assistance from the Foundation of Muslim Attorney Centre (MAC) and Cross-Cultural Foundation (CrCF), have filed a civil  lawsuit at the Provincial Court of Pattani against the Office of the Prime  Minister (in charge of the Internal Security Operation Commands – ISOC) as 1st
defendant, Ministry of Defence, 2nd defendant and Royal Thai Army as  3rd defendant in a tort claim invoking the Tort Liability of  Officials Act B.E. 2539 since their son, Mr. Sulaiman  Naesa was found dead while being held in custody at the Reconciliation  Promotion Center. The Provincial Court of Pattani shall hear the request for an  exemption of court fee on 11 July 2011.