South Thailand: Access to Fun Project_Call for donation_ Children Day in Pattani-15 & 16 Jan 2011-

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More informaiton in Thai    pls click  ขอบริจาคสำหรับวันเด็ก 2011 (2)  Dear friends,
Subject:  Access to Fun Project
When watching how children around Thailand are enjoying their Children’s Day on 8-9 Jan 2011, we are thinking about the many children in more difficult situations, who don’t have the opportunity to enjoy a special day. Volunteer House for Children and Youth therefore initiates this activity and will organize two children camps in Nongjik, Pattani province on 15 and 16 January.  Pakarusong village and Bang-Takwa village will each gather around 100 children affected by flooding and by violence related to the Southern conflict and give them a fun and educational Children’s Day.
Cross Cultural Foundation will donate 10,000 baht to support this activity but this isn’t enough to run the camps and provide the 200 kids with a gift. The total amount needed is 50,000 baht and we ask your support to raise these funds. Sorry for the short notice of this call for donation, but the camps will already take place this weekend, so transfers need to made by Thursday 14 January in order to be available in time for the activity. Later donations will be used for other activities to improve the well-being of children.
For more information, contact: Pornpen Khongkachonkiet Tel. 086-7093000, 02-6934939
Ma:  086-291 2995, Roh -0816089507 , 08-6491 2704
15 Jan 2011 – Ban Pakarusong, Nongjik District Pattani Province
16 Jan 2011 – Ban-BangTakwa, Nongjik District Pattani Province
Fund for Kids in the Deep South
Siam Commercial Bank, Songkla-nakarin (Patani)
Bank Account No. 704-242947-4 , Saving Account
noinoi, pornpen Khongkachonkiet
Cross Cultural foundation