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Condemning the explosion in the restaurant in Narathivath


Cruel, targeting of lives and properties for the purpose of creating disharmony and hatred Calling the State to bring perpetrators to justice

On 25 Aug 2009, there was a heavy bomb explosion near a Thai restaurant called “Suan Kway” in the downtown area of Narathivath. The bomb exploded at 12.30 p.m. causing injuries to 43 persons. Five cars and 6 surrounding houses were also damaged. 

Cross Cultural Foundation condemns those responsible for the bomb explosion that caused large number of injuries and damage to public and private properties. The explosion that targeted lives and properties was aimed at creating disharmony among populations in the south. The violence act clearly targeted Buddhists in the area as many Thai Buddhists and government officers visited the targeted restaurant during lunch time.

In this holy month during Ramadon; all Muslims fast during the day, therefore all customers in the restaurant are Thai Buddhists. The explosion caused injuries to 43 persons. The latest report revealed that most injuries received were minor in nature and only 9 persons are still admitted in the hospital. There were 4 serious injuries from the incident.

Cross Cultural Foundation expresses condolence to those injured in the incident and urge the violators to stop committing acts which cause damage to the lives of the innocent. We urge the responsible officers to be patient to the attempt in creating disharmony and hatred.

We also urge the responsible officers especially the investigators to be professional and carry out their duties with respect towards human rights. The fair and rapid justice process on acts relating to violence in the south would help to end the circle of violence and win back the trust of the public which in turn will help to solve the conflict and end the violence.

More detail: Access to justice and Legal protection, Cross Cultural Foundation Tel. 02-6934939