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Relatives of Takbai submit the petition on Takbai inquest decision


News alert Relatives of Takbai submit the petition on Takbai inquest decision.  Criminal Court in Bangkok on Monday 29 June 2009. Human Rights organizations and villagers collecting signatures to support relatives

Monday 29 June 2009 at Criminal Court in Bangkok, relatives of Takbai together with lawyers will submit the petition to overrule the Takbai inquest decision delivered on 29 May 2009 of Chor 8/2009

With the respect to the court decision, we have opinion that the court decision might not be according to the principle of inquest trial. The court decision did not provide sufficient description of circumstances which cause the deaths and perpetrators.

The court decision stated only that the deaths were caused by suffocation; however it was not according to the fact established by evidence, both audio and visual such as witnesses’ testimony, documents, pictures and VCD.

The said evidence showed that officers from various agencies were involved in the incident therefore it could be seen that the court verdict was not accordingly to Thai Constitution 2007 Section 40 “A person shall have the rights to judicial process (3) A person has the right to correct, prompt and fair trial.” and Section 197 first paragraph “The trial and adjudication of cases are the power of the Courts, which must be proceeded by justice in accordance with the Constitution and the law and in the name of the King.”

And second paragraph “Judges are independent in the trial and adjudication of cases with accurate, rapid and impartial practice in accordance with the Constitution and the law.”

On 28 June 2009 Individuals and human rights organizations have launched an Open Letter campaign to collect signatures to support the petition of Takbai incident relatives to urge the Bangkok Criminal Court to overrule the 29 May Takbai Inquest Decision.

The Open Letter will be sent to PM as the head of Administrative power, to Chairperson of Parliament members and Chairperson of the Senate as the head of Legislative power and to Chairperson of Supreme Court of Thailand.

The Open Letter calling for justice on Takbai Inquest decision will be distributed to public on 28 June 2009.

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