South Thailand: You are invited to join the Book Launch on 4th May 09_”My father got arrested”, PSU Pattani

You are invited to join

The Book Launch Event

“My Father got arrested”:

Situation of security detainees’ families in Southern Border Provinces, Thailand

Organised by Cross Cultural Foundation and Volunteers House for Children, Pattani Monday 4 May 2009 at 9.00-13.00

At Islamic Studies College, Prince Songkla University, Pattani Campus


9.00                             Registration

9.15-9.45                     Opening Remarks

                                    By Abdulloh Abru Islamic Studies College, Prince Songkla                                                                  University, Pattani Campus

9.15-10.15                   Introduction of the Book called “My Father got arrested”                                                                     1. Sarinthon Ratt-charoen-kajon   co-writers

  1.            2.  Mattana Tanbamrung     Volunteers House for Children, Pattani  
    1. Suhainee Longsa    We-PEACE 

                                    4.  Representative of security detainees’ families

                                    Commentator: Muhamad-ayub Patan Deep South Watch   

10.15-12.00                 Seminar: Way Forwards for security detainees’ families

                                    1. Dr. Ped-daw  Tohmeena       

                                    2. Mr. Uthai  Sreesang             Justice officer, SBPACT

                                    3. Col. Wattana Komkan          ISOC Region 4th  

                                    4. Mr. Abdul-Aziz Tade-in      Young Muslim Association, Yala

                                    5.  Representative of  Police Commission of Southern Border Provinces

                                    6. Mr. Anukul Awae-puteh   Muslim Attorney Center, Pattani                                                               

 Moderator:   Ms. Laddawan Tantiwitaya-pitak   Cross Cultural Foundation

12.00-12.10                 Conclusion and Closing

12.30                           Lunch


Note: “My Father got arrested” is sold for 100 baht and the total income will be donated to Access to Justice: People’s Fund and the Book will be sold all over Thailand by Ked-thai Book Distribution. The English version will be available in May/June 2009.

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