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Condemn Beheaded two Para-military officers inhuman and cruel


Condemn Beheaded two Para-military officers inhuman and cruel Ending revenge and extra-judicial act of violence Bring Fast, Fair and Open criminal justice procedure on violation cases

Responding to the recent incidents of violent killings, including the cruel and inhumane beheading and burning of two para-military officers, CrCF urges all parties to end the circle of violence. It also urges the authorities to work towards building trust and confidence in the judicial process.

On 2nd February 2009 at around 2 o clock, the burnt and beheaded body of a paramilitary soldier, named Lance Corporal Nison A-wae was found at Moo 4, Ban Kampongdakae, Pajan Sub-district, Yarang District, Pattani. About 3 meters away, another burnt body of a paramilitary soldier named Mr. Chua Chotirat, a Para-military volunteer officer, was found. His head had been nearly severed from the body. Both the bodies were riddled with bullets. A burnt frame of a motorcycle was also found. A number of bullets were found in the site of incident. Authorities stated that the killings were acts of revenge since a number of people suspected of being involved in the insurgency had been arrested.

A number of targeted killings have occurred in the three provinces in the last few weeks alone. On 23rd January 2009, a 15 year old son of a village headman was shot dead in Tanyonglimor Sub-district, Ra-ngae District, Narathiwat Province. On 24th January 4 construction workers and contractors were shot to death. On 25th January, there was an attack on the Border Patrol Police resulting in injuries to 3 police persons while 2 insurgents were killed in Dusongyoh, Janae District, Narathivath Province. On the same date, two villagers were severely injured in a shooting incident in Ruesoh District, Narathiwat Province. All these violence incidents were reported as insurgent acts aimed at creating chaos in the Deep South.

Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) pays its condolences to the bereaved families. Mr. Somchai Homlaor, Chairperson of CrCF said that “the targeted killings, done by which ever group, such as happened to these two para-military officers were brutal and inhumane and needed to be condemned as they violated the right to life and human dignity. The body of the dead should not be treated so cruelly. The government had the responsibility to bring the perpetrators to justice”

The social justice could only be achieved by creating a justice system that was fair for both the damaged and accused party. The state should emphasize that to gain trust of the people the criminal justice system had to be fair. For example the accused person had to be arrested on the basis of reliable evidence and the trial of the accused should be open, fair and not unduly delayed.

“A fair justice system will help to win confidence of the people and help to bring an end to revenge killings, extra judicial killings and in general the circle of violence that is occurring in the situation of an armed and political conflict in the three provinces of the Deep South” Somchai added.

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