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Summary of Samak’s speech, and emergency decree


Samak’s speech on 2 Sep 2008/ 9.05 am Thai time (Partial Summary not completed)

I didn’t desire that this would happen (last night incident). It occurred that last night the violence has happened. There will be the committee investigating. Emergency declaration is the soft and right manner way to deal with the situation. It is better than declare Martial law. We appeared to be very patient. The hatred against me, I didn’t know what happen to me with all criticism over me.

It took me 2 hours in looking at law and implication with consultations. We only select some articles to impose not all. We are willing to secure the safety. We will only take shortest time as we can in this. Only a few days, only,… will not affect the election campaign in Bangkok. The election may be postponed few days. The authorities will end the root causes of this conflict (ดับชนวน).

We need to live with rationales. I am the one who is responsible to bring back the peace to my country. I think 43 Unionists groups joining hand to attack me personally. They are going to introduce new governing system, it is not good.

Q & A:

– The committee will decide how many days: They (committee) will be responsible.
– Lives will go on as usual. Only way is to declare the Emergency.
– They must remove from the Govt’s house.
– We have committee to solve this problem.
– The committee will decide also about ASTV and media shall continue their roles.
– MOF will inform other countries.
– Two deputies and one chairman of the committee: they will decide.
– I didn’t suggest Nor.Por.Por ,,, I don’t know,
– I said that the party member said that they are supporting me. Therefore, I continued.
– The Govt is not backing up Nor.Por.Por. I don’t know , I am here to solve the problem and I am responsible for this

Background from BBC (2 Sep 2008)
Thailand’s Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej has declared a state of emergency in the capital Bangkok, after clashes left at least one person dead. Dozens more were hurt in the fighting early on Tuesday. The clashes began after supporters of Mr Samak pushed through police lines near Government House, occupied by the People’s Alliance for Democracy.

The emergency decree in English is available.