PM’s order on Sep 2nd, related to Emergency situation

Here is the PM’s order on September 2nd, related to Emergency situation (Thai version to follow). PM appointed the Committee under Emergency Decree under the PM order no. 194/2551 (2008). The committee is consisting of: 1. Chief Army Commander – Chair 2. The Royal Thai Police Commissioner – Vice Chair 3. Army Commander Region 1 – ViceContinue reading “PM’s order on Sep 2nd, related to Emergency situation”

Awaiting Justice – Righting the Wrongs

The process by which victims of crimes and victims of the miscarriage of justice are awarded compensation by the state is very much a work in progress, writes TUNYA SUKPANICH. Thai society was shocked when a number of people stepped forward to claim they were wrongly arrested and subjected to extortion by the “Border PatrolContinue reading “Awaiting Justice – Righting the Wrongs”