Awaiting Justice – Righting the Wrongs

The process by which victims of crimes and victims of the miscarriage of justice are awarded compensation by the state is very much a work in progress, writes TUNYA SUKPANICH. Thai society was shocked when a number of people stepped forward to claim they were wrongly arrested and subjected to extortion by the “Border PatrolContinue reading “Awaiting Justice – Righting the Wrongs”

Human Rights situation in the South, as of March 2008

Disappearances: there is no access to justice for relatives of the persons who have disappeared. Four cases of disappearances have been documented since June 2007. The cases are as follows 1. Mr. Mayateh Maraboh, 40 years old Wife name: Ms. RuwaediyohWith 2 children: 9 and 2 years old Mr. Maraboh disappeared on 24 June 2007Continue reading “Human Rights situation in the South, as of March 2008”

WGJP Statement: concerning detention of 348 suspects

Akra Tipvojana, spokesperson of Internal Security Operation of Command, recently released information about persons detained under martial and emergency law. The Army Region 4 has used this strategy of detention to manage the insurgency in the southern provinces by detaining suspected persons. Currently there are 348 suspects being detained at five locations in the 4Continue reading “WGJP Statement: concerning detention of 348 suspects”