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Report No. 3 :The Situation facing Thai Migrant Workers in Malaysia by the Adhoc Committee


By the Special Committee for Chan Crescent Medical and Public Health Association

(published on the 15th of May, 2020)

This is the third report by the Public Health Committee. It presents findings on the situation facing Thai migrant workers in Malaysia due to covid-19. The Thai government reopened the Thai-Malaysia border on 18 April 2020. This operation is being conducted under an emergency degree. This report consists of: 1) the method to manage Covid 19 in Malaysia. 2) The issues related to Thai migrant workers in Malaysia. How to return Thai citizens to Thailand and assist workers who remain in Malaysia, including the arrangement of domestic quarantine. 3) The life of Thai workers after crossing the border. What factors influence the decision to go back to Thailand, including the illegal status of Thai workers in Malaysia. 4) The work of the FSC in helping Thai workers in Malaysia. 5) Suggestions for the Thai Government on helping Thai workers in Malaysia.

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