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CrCF Blog: Her heart


“Yes, I’m fine with it (he being a human rights activist). It’s a good thing that we help other people, and if helping other people would be the cause of our death- it’d still be fine. We should not be afraid because Allah has already determined our fate. Instead we  should remind ourselves of those days where people were helping us.

Now that we are doing ok, we should help other people.”


For many of us, today was just another typical Wednesday.
But for her, today was a bad dream she didn’t deserve to have.

She is a friend.
She is a mother.
She is a leader.
She is a believer.

She is just like you and me.
She has her dreams. She has her battles.
She falls. She gets up. And she continues.
She does all in her power to raise nice children, with good hearts.
Her children are her precious. You hurt them and you break her heart.

Today her h e a r t was broken.

Truth to be told.
14 years and still counting.

Martial Law, widely and strictly in force in Thailand’s Deep South, allows arrest and detention of suspects without a warrant. Her house was raided by rangers at 4am this morning and they arrested one of her sons who has been through hell and back under Martial Law, and now dedicating himself to helping other people in need despite the danger he is facing.
His fate is still unknown and his family has yet to be informed of his charges.

The operation is clearly arbitrary, and detaining civilians incommunicado at unspecified locations increases the risk of human rights violations e.g. subject to physical or/and mental abuses. Being said, it’s an extremely vulnerable stage and the person’s safety is at stake.

Most of us might go to bed with hope for a better tomorrow.
Whereas she is going to bed knowing that her son is not in his bed tonight.

/with love and respect to the Bueraheng family