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CrCF on Duty: the Reality


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Today two weeks ago, we were at the 67th session of CEDAW at Palais des Nations in Geneva. So little did I know that two weeks after that I’d be back on another airplane- but this time towards a different destination. A closer one.

I have the honor to participate at a workshop organized by our good friends; Hearty Support Group and HAP. The objective is to increase knowledge on report writing and documentation in accordance with international standards, and communications. We started off with a brief introduction. A different kind of introduction.
We were given a paper plate each and then we were asked to draw or write something as answers to the three following questions: Who are we? What do we do? but the last question was left to our unlimited imaginations. It was a free and open space for us to express ourselves constructively.
As always, it was an interesting experience learning how people perceive themselves, and how they want others to see them.
The first lesson learned was: it’s important to remember that we are strong, but more importantly, that we should not fear to show our strength.


It certainly was an incredibly helpful couple of hours. I learned to appreciate our partners’ dedication, commitment and courage even more than I already did before I came here. These are the people who work with heart. They want to see their society safe and peace restored. They work with people that have their worlds upside down because of the insurgency, and their work emphasizes the importance of the human rights aspect in the peace process.

Needless to say, they all deserve respect and recognition for their work. They live through their strength.

Human rights violations are a serious matter.
It never is easy to listen to different heartbreaking versions of the reality. The same reality that we live in. It may seem too far to some of us but that doesn’t mean their reality is nonexistent.