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A Trip to the Embassy


I am a connoisseur of wine. Whether red or white, it is important to pay attention to the experience of drinking – your sensations as the liquid hits the pallets of your tongue, the smell of the wine, and the feelings that consume your body. I’ve been told that it is also important to know the age and price of the wine. Maybe I should clarify: I am a connoisseur of free wine.

Friday (June 2) was an interesting day. CrCF went in numbers to an event organized by the Manushya Foundation (“Manushya”). Manushya is an social justice, human rights organization concerned with advocating for the welfare of individuals. To summarize: they care, and the people they work with also care.

After the meet and greet, there were discussions about various things in designated rooms. I managed only to explore topics in two rooms. Under normal circumstances, I would regret missing out on free information. However, considering how insightful and passionate the individuals speaking about the topics were in the two rooms that I visited, I have no regret. I learned things that helped me contextualize the circumstances of my three-month journey. I also got to meet a whole lot of cool people, some of whom I stalk (professionally, of course).

Under normal circumstances, at an event with an open bar, I try my very hardest to make the investments of the purchasers of the alcohol worthwhile. But this event was a little different; once the discussions began, I forgot we had an endless supply of alcoholic beverages. I wanted to hear what some of the most informed people working   towards concerns for human rights had to say (and their interpreters).

Keep your ears and eyes open. There is a wave and a push towards a paradigm shift. I am just honoured to have a role to play in it, as trivial as my role may be.