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2015-01-29 Inquest trial of EJE Tohjood_tungyangdaeng – final2 Eng (1)

Muslim Attorney Center and Cross Cultural Foundation

For immediate release on 29 January 2016

Press Release

The Third Witness Examination in the Pattani Provincial Court:

The extrajudicial killing of four students and villagers in Ban Toe Jud, Thung Yang Daeng District, Pattani


In the post mortem inquest on 12 October and 9 November 2015, the Black Case no. Ch 11/2558 of the death of Mr. Suhaimi Zen, Mr. Saddam Wanu, Mr. Kolid Sameng (student) and Mr. Madaree Maeroh (student), six prosecution witnesses have been examined in the Pattani Provincial Court, excluding two witnesses from the complainant. The Court has scheduled the next hearing on 2 February 2016 to complete the examination of the remaining witnesses including police officers. Then, the examination of witnesses proposed by the other complainants (relatives of the deceased) shall be conducted on 3 February 2016.

In the post mortem inquest, relatives of the four deceased have appointed attorneys from the Foundation of the Muslim Attorney Centre (MAC) and the Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) as their legal representatives. The attorneys have filed a request to examine six prosecution witnesses already giving evidence in the Court including Maj Col Likhit Krachotnok, an army officer from the Taskforce 41, 3MSGT Amporn Liaheng, a police officer from the Southern Border Provinces Police Operation Center (SBPPOC), Mr. Wiratchai Buesa, a ranger from Taskforce 41, Dr. Aranya Roka, a forensic physician, Mr. Ratchapon Mungkhong, a ranger from Taskforce 41 Wangpya, Raman District, Yala and Pol Lt Col  Damrongsak Toprasoet, Subdivision of Investigation, Southern Border Provinces Police Operation Center (SBPPOC), the leader of the police investigation team.

The relatives of the deceased have also reported the case to the inquiry officer of Thung Yang Daeng Police Station, Pattani and accepted as the criminal case no. 36/2558. State agencies have provided 500,000 baht as compensation to each of the families of the deceased. An inquiry committee has also been established to look into this case and it has found that the four deceased were innocent and their deaths have resulted from the acts of state officials including three military officers and three police officers. No progress has been made on the criminal suit and no disciplinary action or criminal charge have been laid against the government officers until now.

All interested public and media are invited to attend the trial of the case at the Pattani Provincial Court on 2 and 3 February at 09.00am.