Note on the development of investigation of the death in custody

Mr. Abduldayib Dolah at Ingkhayuthaborihan, Pattani

Date 4 Dec 2015

Early morning of 4 December at 8.00am, relatives of Mr. Abduldayib Dolah, 45 years old, who was held in custody at the Ingkhayutthaborihan Military Camp, Pattani, were informed that he had died already at the place he had been deprived of liberty.


Mr. Abduldayib Dolah, 45 years, from Ban Mai, Tambon Kolotanyong, Nongchik District, Pattani, was apprehended on 11 November at 01.00am. His relatives complained with the Muslim Attorney Centre Foundation and the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) concerning the search and detention of Mr. Abduldayib on 12 November. Later, they had been visiting him while being detained regularly, the last of which took place on 3 December 2015. They were later informed by the community leader about the mortality of Mr. Abduldayib on 4 December.


At 10.00, the Internal Security Operations Command Region (ISOC Region 4) has contacted the Duay Jai Group and a few other civil society organizations to bear witness during the autopsy of his body at the Ingkhayutthaborihan Military Camp, Pattani, together with his relatives. His body is being transferred for further forensic examination by doctor at the Prince of Songkhla University.


After the autopsy as warranted for by Section 150 of the Criminal Procedure Code by inquiry officer, public prosecutor, administrative officer and doctor (albeit not forensic doctor), an attempt was made to clarify the matter with his relatives since from looking at the appearance of his body, one cannot determine the cause of his death. The talk was also coordinated by staff from NHRC and the forensic medicine center of the Prince of Songkhla University from Hat Yai. The talk also touched on religious issues and it was done so to convince the relatives to consent to having the body examined by forensic doctor which was carried out around 1.00pm. After that, the body has been retrieved for religious rite the same day.


Recorded by Pornpen Khongkachonkiet with information from the Duay Jai Group, MAC Foundation and NHRC

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