Joint Statement Shan Human Rights Foundation & Shan community-based organizations ,15 Nov 2015 (English/thai)

แถลงการณ์ 15 nov 2015 ภาษาไทย – final

แถลงการณ์ 15 nov 2015 ภาษาไทย – final

Joint Statement

Shan Human Rights Foundation & Shan community-based organizations


No. 1/2015

Situation of IDPs related to fighting in Shan State, Myanmar

15 November 2015


The Burma Army has deployed troops and started its offensive operations in the area under the control of the State Progress Party, Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA), the party of which has signed a ceasefire agreements with Burma Army since 1989 and again on 28 January 2012. The offensive operations which have begun from 6 October 2015 until now and led by the Burma Army under the administration of U Thein Sein have continued unabated despite the much touted Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA)

The military operations have severely affected the livelihood of people in many townships in central Shan State causing a massive displacement of at least 6,000 people including children, women and older persons. They had to run for their lives and sought shelter in temples in nearby townships or in the forests. Some have been detained by the Burma Army. Damages have also been inflicted on houses, farmlands and livestock. Given that it is the harvest season, it would make it hard for people to have to flee the war and stay in a safe place away from home.

The incessant reinforcement of troops and weapons has made it possible for the Burma Army to advance into the area under the administration of the SSPP/SSA. Group operation and airstrikes have been launched and shells and shots have been fired indiscriminately against people causing schools in various townships to have to stop their classes, particularly in Ban Hai which bear the heaviest brunt and in the townships of Mong Hsu, Mong Nawng and Ke See

Damages done in brief

From 6 October – 12 November 2015, at least sixty offensive operations have been launched against the Shan army belonging to the SSPP/SSA causing displacement of residents in Mong Hsu, Mong Nawng and Ke See including around 50 villages and 6,000 people. Three temples suffer the damage. Six villagers got injured and one died. The Burma Army has looted property of local residents worthy of three million kyat. Damage has been inflicted on two cars, and one motorcycle has been completed destroyed. Given the inaccessibility in some areas, it is believed that there are many more damages not covered by this information.

The Tai Peoples Network condemns the offensive operations by the Burma Army which are inhuman and unjustified. We demand that Naypyidaw consider to take action with regard to the following recommendations;

  1. Halt all offensive operations in the area under the control of the Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) as well as all other ethnic areas in Burma
  2. Provide fair compensation and assistance to those affected by the military operations
  3. Hold negotiations to reach a peaceful agreement according to the universally accepted norm
  4. Hold by-elections in areas where polls had been previously suspended in the past general elections.
  5. Stop holding in custody local people which has affected their normal way of living
  6. Treat all armed forces equally including those which have yet to join the NCA
  7. Show genuine effort to build peace at the national and regional levels and according to the pledges the Burmese government has made to the world
  8. Bring to justice the perpetrators who have harmed people and destroyed religious sites which are an important spiritual sanctuary of people in the combat zones

The undersigning Shan community-based organizations;

1) Shan Human Rights Foundation

2) Shan State Development Foundation

3) Shan Sapawa Environmental Organization

4) Shan Youth Power

5) Shan Women’s Action Network

6) Worker Solidarity Association

7) Migrant Worker Federation

8) Shan Literature and Culture Society (Chiang Mai)

9) Shan Literature and Culture Association in Mong Su

10) Shan Youth Network Group

11) Shan Youth Power Group

12) Organizations in Toom Toantai

13) Shan Refugee Committee

14) Koong Jor Refugee Committee

15) Shan Youth Organization

16) Jao Khur Tai Organization

17) Shan Students’ Union Chiangmai

18) Shan Farmers’ Network

19) Shan Literature and Culture Association in Bang Kok

20) Tai Toong Tuen Net work

21) Tong Law Awn Committee

22) Guen Herng Mong Jit Committee

23) Shan Youth Net Work (SYN)

24) Mawk Gorn Tai Society

25) Mae Ban Groups

26) Kaw Phong Garn Zoi Zard Society

27) Vilar Mawnleng Committee

28) Ho Mong Sai Society

29) Hern Hoam Huk Society

30) Shan Youth New World (SYNW)

31) Shan Women Society Thailand

32) Leng San Loi Society

33) Ta,ang Committee

34) Shan-State Friend Group

The Tai Peoples Network

With faith in people’s power

15 November 2015

For further information, please contact

  1. Sai Kham Pee +66(0) 81-582-4420(Shan-Thai)

2   Sai Nan Taw     +66(0) 87-555-9136(Shan-Thai)

  1. Ying Han Fah +66(0) 89-262-7848(Shan-Burmese)
  2. Sai Seng Han +66(0)92-449-5684(Shan-Thai)
  3. Sai Num Huh Tai +66(0)87-555-9136 (Shan-Thai-English)
  4. Sai Haw Seng +66(0)94-728-6696 (Shan-English)
  5. Sai Luang +66(0)80-425-4419 (Shan-English)


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