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Statement of Buddhists Network for Peace

Brutally killing two Buddhist couple in Bangnangstra Yala

On 6 May 2015, at 17.10  there is a tragic incident of brutal killing of a couple named Mr. Sanpetch Kanjanatep , 42 years old and Mrs. Nopparat Kanjanatep, 37 years old. The killing happened in  Moo 2, Ban Tanyong, Ban yoi , Bajoh Subdistrict, Bannangstra District of  Yala Province. Unidentified gunman (s) shot a couple to death and burnt the bodies of decreased couple together with their pickup truck. The perpetrators is still at large.

Buddhists Network for Peace holds the position that it is brutal to attack cruelly to innocent target. The destroying of decreased bodies is unacceptable and inhumane. This incident undeniably destroyed the environment of the next phase of peace talk.

Buddhists Network for Peace condemn the perpetrators and urge the following action;

  1. We urge CSOs, NGOs including human rights organization and independent bodies to join the position in addressing publicly condemning the incident and also any act of violence against innocent civilian both Buddhist and Muslim
  2. We urge the government agencies to bring the perpetrators to justice as it would contribute to peace and wellbeing of the Deep South
  3. We urge the armed groups to stop attacking civilians and continue to support the peace talk

Buddhists Network for Peace expressed our condolences to the loss of Kanjanatep family.

Buddhists Network for Peace

Date: 6 May 2015