correction-pulopuyo case-decision on 31 July

Cross Cultural Foundation & Muslim Attorney Center Foundation
Published on 29 July 2013

Invitation to attend the court Inquest decision regarding the death of
four villagers in Pulo Puyo incident
31 July 2013 9.00 am at Pattnai Provincial court

The Pattnai Provincial court is scheduled to deliver the inquest decision on 31 July 2013 9.00 am related to the inquest file no. Chor 5/2555 (2012), of the four villagers who died in Pulo Puyo incident, Pattani province.
Background of the incident is as follows; the para military officer unit no. 4302, Namdam village, Pulo Puyo sub district. Nhong Jig district of Pattani province claimed that they patrolled around the village chasing after suspects and had set up a check point in front of the entrance of the village, near the crime incident. The unit tried to stop the villager’s pickup truck passing by and shot at them with war weapons causing four deaths and five injuries.
Provincial Attorney office filed the inquest petition at the Pattani provincial court to enquire about the cause of deaths under Criminal Procedure Code art. 150 as the death were caused while the authorities were conducting their duty. However, each of relatives of the decreased has received the compensation of 7.5 million baht per case and five injured persons also received the compensation approximately 500,000 to 765,000 baht per case.

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