The Supreme Court has scheduled decision of reading of Takbai Inquest on Thursday 1 Aug, at 9:00 pm at the Criminal Court, Bangkok

Regarding the crackdown of the protest in front of Takbai police station, in Narathivath Province on 25 October 2004, the post mortem inquest trial at Songkla Provincial Court gave its decision in 2009. The court held that the 78 persons died due to the suffocation under the custody while transporting to Ingkayuttaboriharn Camp in Pattani Province. Referring to the black file no. post mortem inquest 16/2548 (2005) and the decision red file no. post mortem inquest 8/2552 (2009), 34 relatives of total 78 deceased filed an appeal against the decision alleging that the decision of the court was unconstitutional and illegal.

The appeal motion filed at Bangkok Criminal court urged the court to withdraw the decision and review the post mortem inquest decision by Songkla Provincial court.

In detail, the Songkla inquest decision had not described the cause of the death, who committed the act causing the death even though there was factual detail presented in the inquest hearing that the authorities forced the protesters to take their shirt off and tied their hands up at the back.

Furthermore, the authorities also forced them to lie facing down, lay up on top each other and transported them in army trucks.

There were also physically abused by authorities; many arrested protesters got injured, suffocated and died during the transportation to Pattani from Narathivath.

The Bangkok Criminal court dismissed the appeal from 34 relatives of the decreased protesters and referred to that the Songkla Provincial court has the same jurisdiction with the Bangkok Criminal court therefore the Bangkok Criminal court could not consider the appeal petition on the case.

The appeal petition was submitted again to the Supreme Court of Thailand.
The Supreme Court has scheduled a decision reading of Takbai Inquest on Thursday 1 Aug, at 9:00 pm at the Criminal Court (RM) on the Black Case No. Special 43/2552 and the Red Case No. Special 2/2552.

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