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Jumma Indigenous Buddhist land dispute turns deadly in CHT of Bangladesh


Topic: Jumma Indigenous Buddhist land dispute turns deadly in CHT (Chittagong Hill Tracts) of Bangladesh: a call for peace

Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) is the Southeastern part of Bangladesh and only a Buddhist dominating region in whole Bangladesh. CHT is the traditional homeland for the 11 Jumma indigenous ethnic communities, mostly Buddhist. Once CHT was an independent state, which was rule by the Jumma indigenous king.

Jumma Indigenous people demanded autonomy to Bangladesh but demand rejected by the Bangladesh. CHT became unrest since the Bangladesh period. The fire of unrest continued year after year. More than 30 thousand people had died during the violence. Sometime CHT became lead news of the local and international media.

There is a peace accord between PCJSS (An Jumma indigenous political party in CHT) and Bangladesh Government in 2nd December 1997. But peace accord did not bring peace in CHT. Violence has been continuing in CHT after peace accord also one after one. The political analyzers, UN and many Human right organizations have revealed the fright of their reports about the present political situation of CHT.

Recently, from 12/04/2011 to now, the Bengali Muslim settlers (with government military support) killed 4 indigenous Buddhist people, burned down more than 300 Jumma indigenous Buddhist houses, two Buddhist temples, injuring many people, 21 Jumma indigenous persons missing and 4 Bengali muslim settlers also died in violence.

When will the violence stop? We, the Jumma Indigenous Buddhist monks of Bangladesh, wish for peace. We believe that our only hope is with the international community – would you help carry the news to them? Full documentation of the history of the conflict, the peace accord, and recent incidents will be provided.

The Speakers:
1. Phramaha Boonthueng Chuthindaro, Chairman The Dhamma Council of Thailand

2. Phra Dipayan Chakma, President Bangladesh Jumma Buddhist Forum – Thailand

3. Phra Arjun Baran Chakma, General Secretary Bangladesh Jumma Buddhist Forum – Thailand

4. Phra Kiritiman Chakma, Vice president Bangladesh Jumma Buddhist Forum – Thailand