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Note from today (24 Sep, Ratchada Criminal Court) on Somchai Neelaphaijit Case

At Room 913, where all parties presented themselves in front of the court except one of the five defendants. Some hope to get through this to hear the appeal verdict. Some might not want to hear it. The court let the plaintiff side (prosecutor, co-plaintiff and co-plaintiff’s lawyer) to read a Motion from Defendant no. 1’s lawer. D1  went missing in at a mud flooding in Phisanulok two years ago (19 Sep 2008). The court said since the D1 was not present and there is the motion of declaration of the death of D1 ‘s relative in another court (Phatumtanee Court) according to Thai civil law. The court today shall pass the matter to the Appeal court to decide whether to read out the verdict in the absent of D1 or not. The court will inform all parties on the decision of the appeal court about reading the verdict later. The reading of appeal verdict today is postponed.
For normal circumstance, it would take 5 years to submit the motion of the declaration of the death of missing person. Mud Flooding is natural disester so in this emergency situation, it takes two years to submit the motion.

D1. Maj. Pol Nguan Tongsuk, who found guilty on corecion charge against the missing lawyer Somchai Neelaphaijit, went missing two years and 5 days today.

the thick appeal verdict then put back in the envelop till it reopened again.

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