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Tea party On 23 January 2009 on 09.00-16.00

 Sabayoy District, Songkla province

 The HEARTY Support Group will organize a fund raising activity calling for donation to support the Group initiatives on 23 January 2009 on 09.00-16.00 together with the discussion in the morning on National Security ACT 2008 and Human Rights and also Seminar on “Peaceful Way of Living in the time of conflict” in the afternoon. The venue will be at Carlid Car Care , House no. 2/18 Ban- Pengya, Sabayoy District, Songkla province, herewith the attachment of the proposal and the program for your information. The group called “Duayjai – Hearty” has established to assist affected families in Songkla Province who has been affected due to the counter-insurgency and conflict in the southern border provinces in Thailand. “HEARTY support group” intended to assist the state or government agencies and our society to heal the wound of those affected populations; women and children.

HEARTY support group aims at coordinating for school education, scholarship, income generating program and also socio-psychological supports among families of detainees. HEARTY support group ultimate aim is to build up understanding society during the time of conflict.

Since 2009, HEARTY support group has been involved in Children Camps, Family visits and also the new initiative to conduct socio-psychological support activities among families of detainees. Therefore we need some seed fund to operate and get together members and supporters for our activities.